All Mortal Kombat Fatalities.

All Mortal Kombat Fatalities Ever Made Since the Beginning (MKI-MKXL)

Mortal Kombat Fatalities. I don’t really know about too many Games that Netherrealm Studios has created, but I am aware of the Mortal Kombat. The first time when I played a Mortal Kombat Game was in the year 2006, and the game was Mortal Kombat 4. Many things have changed since then, but the love for the game has stayed the way it was. I am a true lover of the game, the Mortal Kombat Movie, all the Characters of Mortal Kombat, and their individual Stories, and Moves. This action-packed game has a huge fan base including children, and kids (well If I too am a Kid. Lol.). Well, If you too are a Mortal Kombat Fan, then this post is just for you. Here, in this article, I am going to share a video of All Mortal Kombat Fatalities.

So, if you are eager to watch all of the exciting and Brutal Mortal Kombat Fatalities, then this is the right place for you. Keep reading, and you will get it all.

What is a Fatality in Mortal Kombat?

Well, if you don’t already know, let me tell you. The Mortal Kombat is an Action Arcade Game, which first came out in the year 1992 for a TV Gaming Console. The Game slowly started getting attention from Gamers around the globe, as it slowly started to reach more people. The game had some of the key elements, which the game is still popular for.

Mortal Kombat Fatalities by Raiden

The thing that was and is with these elements, is that no other game ever featured anything as those. Mortal Kombat holds a history of Games, the Story of every Character, How Raiden teaches everyone including Liu Kang and becomes an Elder God. How Scorpion is a master of the Shirai Ryu Clan of Martial Artists, and the Subzero is the Grandmaster of the Lin Kui. It is all very interesting and addictive if you look closely. These were some elements which have always been making the game an amazing ride.

Also, apart from the storyline, the game has one more thing that no other game has ever introduced. Fatalities have been an important part of the Mortal Kombat Games since the time when it all began. Be it a movie, or a Mortal Kombat video game, you would see one or the other Fatalities in action. And the answer to What is a Fatality in Mortal Kombat is as follows.

“Whenever a Match ends in any Mortal Kombat Console or PC Game, the winner is asked to Finish the other opponent. The sound says Finish Him. That is the time when you or your winning opponent might perform a Fatality. In actual meanings, Fatality in the game means, a cruel and brutal way of Finishing/Killing the enemy, for once and for all.”

All Mortal Kombat Fatalities Ever Made Since the Beginning (MKI-MKXL):

So, now when you know what is a Mortal Kombat Fatality, even if you don’t play the game, you are prepared to watch All the Mortal Kombat Fatalities. For the same, watch the video below. I am very sure that you are going to love it, as I loved it too.

Dayum, right? Wasn’t this an Amazing video? I don’t really know what made the creator of the video make this, but wasn’t it worth the 2 Hours that you might have had spent watching the video of All Mortal Kombat Fatalities from MKI to MKXL? Well, I know it was amazing.

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