Characters Required for Shokan Warrior Kintaro Challenge, Requirements for Shokan Warrior Kintaro

Characters Required for Shokan Warrior Kintaro Challenge – MKX

Shokan Warrior Kintaro Challenge Requirements. Mortal Kombat X or MKX for Mobile is a popular Video Game. I have seen it grow with some really high stats in the past few years. I started playing it around two years ago, and since then I have been observing people develop interests, drop comments, play the game online in Faction Wars, complete challenges and what not. Also, the game has some hacks, which I, unfortunately, could never figure out (Yes, I am not Geeky Ozzy :P). Anyway, the crux here is that the Game is amazing, and I love playing it. And, the best thing is that it keeps introducing new characters. The latest one, for now, is going to be the Shokan Warrior Kintaro. So, if you want to know about the Characters Required for Shokan Warrior Kintaro Challenge, then here in this article you will get to know.

Also, apart from just the Characters Required, you will get to know a lot more about the Character as well. Keep reading for the same.

Shokan Warrior Kintaro Challenge – Introduction and Character Bio:

So, as I said you will get to read a lot about the Character, and his story may be, this is the time when you get to read that. So, the Four-Armed Warrior, Shokan Warrior Kintaro has been a part of the Mortal Kombat Gaming Series since the Mortal Kombat II. It was then only, when he first made his debut as the Sub-Boss, while he became playable in the Mortal Kombat III. Then again in the Mortal Kombat 9, he came back as a Sub-Boss, while now in Mortal Kombat X, this guy becomes Playable again.

Shokan Warrior Kintaro Challenge, Kintaro Challenge MKX
Shokan Warrior Kintaro after a Fatality

Currently, the Hanzo Hasashi Scorpion Challenge is going on in the Mortal Kombat X, and the Shokan Warrior Kintaro is available to Buy from the Store for an Early Access. But, that costs money and not everyone would really like to spend that amount for a Character, that isn’t there in the real life, Lol. That is why, for People like me, who have interests in realizing which are the Characters Required for Shokan Warrior Kintaro Challenge and then maybe collecting some more Souls, or Koins, to buy those characters I am writing this article.

Although I don’t know where you can find this character in the Movies or whatsoever, still I have mentioned the places which are in my knowledge in the Whole Mortal Kombat timeline. Now, the next thing you need to do is read about the Requirements of Shokan Warrior Kintaro Challenge.

Characters Required for Shokan Warrior Kintaro Challenge:

And, in the end, what matters is all the Characters which are required to be able to Participate in the 4th and the 5th Towers of the Shokan Warrior Kintaro Challenge. For the same, all you need to do is scroll down a level, and find the List of the Characters Required for Shokan Warrior Kintaro Challenge in MKX.

Character Requirements for Shokan Warrior Kintaro Challenge:-

And, that is all. Looks simple, right? Well, I too felt the same way when I read about this. I mean, these are the characters which are really easy to find and collect. Also, I hope you too would have those, and even if you don’t have, these Characters cost really cheap. So, don’t worry, and go Grab them.

A Few Tips for Fighting the BOSS Shokan Warrior Kintaro:

Well, I won’t really call this one a Hard Boss. Although, it might just annoy you or take some more time to beat, as the BOSS Shokan Warrior Kintaro is totally Immune to any Special Attacks for the first 10 Seconds of any Tag in.This just means that you have to take care that, whenever you tag in a new Fighter, wait for 10 seconds, until the Shining Shield surrounding Kintaro Disappears, and then only cast your Special Attack. Otherwise, it will all just be in vain, and your Powers will be wasted.

Besides this, it is an Easy Boss, and won’t actually disturb you a lot, so you can worry less and enjoy more. Apart from the Specialities of the Boss Kintaro, the Special Abilities of the Shokan Warrior Kintaro are as follows.

Character Abilities of the Shokan Warrior Kintaro:

So, now talking about the Abilities, first of all, the Shokan Warrior Kintaro has four Arms, and then he belongs to the Outworld Class. The Special Feature of the Kintaro Warrior is the Art of Shokan, as the Netherrealm Studios have named it. What it would do is as follows:

“If Kintaro Successfully Blocks a Special Attack, he has a chance to Retaliate with a Jump stop on the Opponent which applies Fire DOT. Kintaro and his Team has Increased Resistance to Fire DOT.”

So, you see that the Shokan Warrior Kintaro’s Shokan Art makes him and his team friends with Fire. Look really exciting. I am sure it would be amazing to play with this character.

Index of the Post – Requirements for the Shokan Warrior Kintaro Challenge:

Well, this was all for now, and I hope you liked this article, and if you did, then share it with your Friends who are Mortal Kombat X Fans, so they too can know about the Characters Required for Shokan Warrior Kintaro Challenge. Also, read the Index, to make sure you didn’t miss out on anything Important.



So, this was all for now. This was it about the Character Requirements for Shokan Warrior Kintaro Challenge. I hope you found this article useful. Also, stay in touch with us for more such content, by Liking our Facebook Page, Subscribing to our Newsletter, and letting us send you Notifications.

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