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Verify Tinder Account with Tinder Verification Code: Complete Tinder Guide

There was a Problem Logging into Tinder. Tinder is a world-famous Dating App, which many of us have explored, used, and have had fun using. The internet was growing, and so were the trends. People had now developed different ways of beginning interactions with strangers, to talk to them, to meet them, and to date them, still, there was something missing. Was it a dating App? Well, you can say Yes, it was. In the present days, the Internet is a source to gain almost every information that you wish to receive or gain. And, with Tinder’s arrival, it has been revolutionalized. But, there has always been a problem with Tinder, which not everyone, but a few have faced. If you too are not able to receive the Tinder Verification Code, then this is the right place for you.

To know how to receive the Tinder Code, just keep reading this article, and I am sure it will help you. And, still if it can’t you can simply leave a comment below, and I will respond back to it with the information, that you need. With this article, you will get to know How To Recover SMS/Phone Verification of Websites, and The Way To Bypass SMS/Phone Verification.

Details about Tinder: What is Tinder? What do people use it for? How to Productively Create a Tinder account?

Okay, here comes the passion in. Well, if you are a Casanova kind of guy, you might not really need a Dating App, which Tinder is. But, if you ever feel that, if you had more dating opportunities, on your Phone, you could have scored better, then this is the place where you should be. Yes, Tinder is a decent Dating App, which has real people over it. And, when I say Real People, I mean real people, as, on a Dating App, I once reviewed, I could see that there were just too many fake accounts, which is not really the case with Tinder.

As a Dating App, Tinder is quite efficient and has worked for so many people in the right ways. Obviously, we are wise people and know that it is not a Matrimony site, and everything depends on luck in the end too, the crowd on Tinder is of good quality. It helps you find people, with similar Sexual and General interests.This is the reason why the chances of you matching with the person can go high. But wait! Tinder apart from all the awesomeness that it holds is a very judgemental Place. People here will judge you for the worst of the things, that you could even imagine. That is why you need to look better on Tinder. And, after that conversion still lies in your hands.

How to Productively Create a Tinder Account?

Now comes the question, “How to succeed on Tinder?” Obviously, there are so many people using Tinder, what does your account hold, for you to be receiving more and more matches? What in you deserves that? Not that this is a time to bring in any self-judgments or whatever, but this is the time when you just have to think about How can you make your Tinder account look more attractive to increase your chances of getting a Match.


How to Use Tinder Smartly, Get more Matches on Tinder

Well, the things which work the best on Tinder are, nicely written, short, yet crisp Bios. You can put a Question in the bio, which can trigger the other person to feel curious about you, and swipe right seeking the answer. Or, you can upload some of the best Photographs of yours, to attract more and more people and to make them swipe right on you, so you match, with the one you are to meet. Seems simple, right?

Well, I would suggest you recommend the best of these tips, as soon as you can, and maybe then share the results with us.

Why is the Tinder Verification Required? Why I can’t Login to Tinder?

To use Tinder, you either need to have a Facebook account, which you can login with, or you need to at least have a Phone Number. Now, if you use Facebook to Login to Tinder, the steps will all be easy. Everything is going to be too easy for you to implement. You just need to click Login with Facebook, and then enter your Facebook Login Credentials, and then allow Facebook to Login to Tinder with your account. After that, you can choose privacy settings, and set your profile up, according to how you want it to appear.

But, if you are brave enough to be logging in using your Phone number, you will have to go through several verifications. You will need to enter the Tinder Verification Code in the app, to verify your Phone Number, and be able to use Tinder further.

What the problem really is?

Well, if you are about to use Tinder, or if you recently Downloaded Tinder, and were setting it up, then there are chances that you have had a problem trying to do that. This is one thing that has happened a lot, and that is why we know exactly, what this issue is all about. What happens is, when you are trying to Sign up on Tinder using Phone Number, you might not have received the Tinder Verification Code. And, if that is the case with you, then this is the Complete Guide for you to learn about the solution.

So, just keep reading, and you will get it all here.

How to Receive Tinder Verification Code?

There is a solution to every Problem, as I said, and then as this is a problem too, there has to be a solution, obviously. And, I have the right solution for you, with which you can complete Tinder SMS Verification. So, for doing the same, read about the ways to do that.

1). Using Recieve-SMS-Online.info:

Well, this is an Online Service, that lets you receive SMS online for free. With the use of this service, you can get the Verification code for verifying your account on various Apps, and websites. The same is the case with Tinder SMS Verification as well. Just means that if you are looking for the Tinder Verification Code, then you can use this website. The procedure is as follows.

Ways to Tinder SMS Verification Bypass:-

  1. Go to www.receive-sms-online.info
  2. Select a Telephone number from the website, and enter the Number along with your phone number in the “Telephone number” box.
  3. Now, mail to yourself the Confirmation Code.
  4. You can now find the Confirmation Code from the disposable in the box.
  5. Then go on and enter the code in the confirmation code box, and hit Enter/Verify Code.
  6. This will just make your Tinder Verified.

Also, the list of other similar websites, which you can use to Receive SMS Verification Online.

  • http://receivesmsonline.com
  • http://receive-sms-online.com
  • http://receivefreesms.net
  • http://receive-sms.com
  • http://www.receivesmsonline.net
  • http://www.receive-sms-now.com
  • http://hs3x.com
  • http://receivesmsonline.in
  • http://sms-receive.net

Well, I really hope this method would have helped you, and even if it couldn’t there are a few more ways. Read below to find those out.

2). Reinstall the Tinder App:-

If you are constantly unable to receive Tinder Verification Code for Tinder SMS Verification, this is the one thing that you should try for sure. All you need to do is simply, uninstall and then Download, and Install Tinder on you Smartphone again. And, then try to login again, and request a New Tinder Verification Code. Seems easy to implement, right? I know because it really is that simple.

3). Let Facebook use Tinder:-

Well, there are some Permission settings on every smartphone, which might have been stopping your Tinder App from using Facebook, or vice versa. This can be a reason why Tinder won’t Login. If you want to prevent this error from occurring, go to the Settings>Installed Applications>Facebook>Allow these Apps to use your Account>Tinder>Turn on Permissions.

That is all you need to do, and after you have done this, just exit from the Settings App, and Logout and then Login to Tinder again.

4). Try the Facebook Login:-

Well, this is another way of Logging into Tinder, if the above methods fail to log you into Tinder, you can always try to Login to Tinder using your Facebook Account. It is simple, and you won’t even need to enter any details in the Tinder App if you log in using Facebook.

Still unable to Receive Tinder Verification Code: What to Do?

Well, if nothing else worked for you, I can understand how frustrating it would have become fo you. But, all you can do is be a bit patient, and try out a few more things hoping any of those works for you. Tinder SMS Verification is a simple procedure, but due to some bugs, it has become a huge headache for many. You don’t worry, we will try to sort this out for you. Try the following methods if the above methods didn’t work for you.

Tinder Verification Code, How to Complete Tinder SMS Verification

1). Unable to receive Tinder Verification Code? Download Tinder APK App from Google Play Store:-

This is one thing that you can and must try if nothing else has worked for you. What you need to do is, Uninstall the Tinder app from your Phone, and go to the Google Play Store. There, you have to search for Tinder APK, and then download and Install it. This is a new thing, which might not be available in some countries, still, if you find it, get it. Now, after you have downloaded the App, set it up again, and signup again. This time when you login and Update the App to the latest version, the Tinder will identify you as an old Tinder User, and hence you will have bypassed Tinder SMS Verification successfully.

2). Tinder SMS Verification Error Occurred: What to do?

Well, “An error has occurred while requesting a Code for Tinder SMS Verification. Please try again.” This is a message, which many Tinder users are familiar with. This Tinder Error has made so many people brainstorm their heads trying to Install the App on their Phones and use it peacefully. Well, when you get to deal with something like this, what you can do is keep calm, and follow as I say.

Well, one way to cope with this is simply adding an additional digit to the end of your Phone number. This trick has worked for one but many people. You might not believe it works until it works for you though. Also, there is no guarantee for this to be working for you either, still if it does, CHEERS!

3). Install an Older version of Tinder:-

Well, if everything else fails to work for you, this is one thing that I am sure will work the right way. What you need to do is, Download an Older version APK of Tinder from the web archives, or take one from a friend who has it, and then install it on your Android Smartphone. After this is done, try logging in again, with your account details and see if the error still persists. I am confident that this will work in 99% cases.

Some more Issues while Logging in: Tinder there was a Problem Getting Your Code:-

On Tinder there was a Problem Getting Your Code error is pretty famous. If you have used the app for a long time, you would know that too. But how to sort this? How to fix this issue? I shared many options in the sections above, still, let us see if there is something we can do for this slightly different problem. Obviously, to Bypass Tinder Phone Number Verification, you need to do a few things. I am sharing those ideas below, to complete Tinder SMS Verification, by receiving Tinder Verification Code.

1). Install Blue Stacks on PC:-

You might have heard and seen people using Smart Phone Apps on PC. The idea is real, There are ways to use Kindle on PC, Kik on PC, and obviously WhatsApp on PC. Some of these apps have their own official PC Versions, and to install and use the rest of the Apps on PC, like to use Tinder for PC, you need an Emulator. And, Blue Stacks Emulator is perfect for it.

Just download, and Install Blue Stacks on your PC. And, then using the Tinder APK, install Tinder on your PC in Blue Stacks, and that’s all. This will hopefully rid you of the Tinder there was a problem getting your code issue.

2). Resolve Tinder Server Error 1001 which will prevent you from Logging into Tinder:-

Well, there is no real way to actually do this. You can really not get rid of it, as it is a Bug in the official version of the Tinder App, so if you want to get rid of this issue, simply keep waiting till the developers solve it on their own, or just try any of the other mentioned methods to Bypass Tinder SMS Verification.

3). Tinder won’t Load Matches: What to Do?

Well, this is a pretty common issue, which even I have faced. This is very normal, so you need not really panic. What you need to do is simply wait for a few minutes, switch the Tinder App off, and restart it again after a few minutes, and I am pretty sure, it will be working fine again. Trust me it is that easy, and if this doesn’t work too, then you can always Reinstall the app, which I recommend as the last option.

Guide on How to Use Tinder:

Well, Tinder was launched in the year 2012, more than a year prior to the day when I bought myself a Smartphone. So, you can understand that the Tinder truly holds some good gravity among the people who are into Online Dating. Even in the same article, I told how Tinder is way better than all the other Dating Apps as many of those have plenty of Fake users, which deliberately brings down the user experience. Also, those are not as easy to use, and lag at times, while Tinder truly gives a really premium feel to the user.

Every single swipe is smooth, and the User Interface is easy to use, and very attractive. All you need to do is Sign up on Tinder, Login to your Account, and set it up. Also, remember that, by telling you to Setup your Tinder account, I want you to write a good bio for yourself (read this guide about how to write a good tinder bio), and also upload some of your best Pictures. This way, you can easily get more and more matches.

But, no matter how many matches you get, you need to understand that Tinder is a very competitive Place, where you will have many counter replacement options, and the same will be the case with the crush who you matched with. So, keep in mind that you have to be a bit interesting to keep the conversation going.

Some Facts about Tinder, How it Functions, and How Tinder Makes Money?

Well, Tinder is a company, which works on Facebook’s Servers, so you see Facebook might have some beneficiary interests in Tinder’s growth. Also, the functioning of Tinder is quite a simple procedure. Read below to know more.

How Tinder Functions?

It is all simple, you login using your Phone Number, or using Facebook, and then setup your account. To do the same, you have to enter all the details which Tinder asks you to, including your Age, Location, Name, Images, Bio, Sexual Orientation, your Sex, and the distance range for Tinder to finding more Potential Tinder Matches for you.

Once, you have done it all, the next thing is just about Looking at various Tinder Profiles, and choosing the Profiles, you want to Swipe Right, and swipe all the others Left. It is a concept a bit similar to HotOrNot.com. Just like that website, here you have to choose the person who you find attractive and would like to talk to or match with, and then swipe them right, otherwise left you go, Captain.

How Tinder Makes Money?

Well, unlike many other Apps, which use Page Level Ads on Smartphones, and somewhat kill user experience for the money, Tinder displays very few ads. You might have seen that while swiping on different profiles, sometimes an ad pops up, instead of a new profile. Now, when you click on this ad or even leave an impression, Tinder has made anywhere between a few cents to hundreds of Dollars, depending on How much did the advertiser pay.

Apart from this, Tinder makes money by selling you a Tinder Premium/Plus account. With this account, you can swipe as many people as you want to, and also you can give as many Superlikes as you wish to. This does nothing, just increases your chances of getting a Match. So, if you are struggling with getting any matches, you can pay Tinder a few Dollars, and try Tinder Plus, if that works for you. Just that, the conversion will still be in your hands, on how you perform in the chat box. 😉

Conclusion about Tinder Verification Code:

Well, talking of the Tinder Verification Code, if you were unable to receive it at the beginning of the article, I am pretty sure, now the same issues won’t be there with you. It is easy to receive Tinder Verification Code, and complete Tinder SMS Verification, just that the Developers have left a few bugs which causes some issues every now and then. So, I would recommend you not to worry and just implement what I just shared. Also, don’t forget to read the Index.

Index of the Post – Everything about Tinder Verification Code, and Tinder there was a Problem getting your Code error:-

So, here comes the end and the Index of the post, as I never forget to write. Tinder is a great app, and it has helped many people, just that it might have some flaws too, some of which I tried solving with this article. To make sure, you didn’t miss out on anything Important, keep reading for the Index too.


  1. What is Tinder?
  2. What do people use it for?
  3. How to Productively Create a Tinder account?
  4. Why is the Tinder Verification Required?
  5. What the problem really is?
  6. How to Receive Tinder Verification Code?
  7. Some More Issues with using Tinder, and How to Resolve those?
  8. Guide on How to Use Tinder?
  9. Some Facts about Tinder
  10. How Tinder Functions, and Makes Money?
  11. Conclusion

Okay, so this was it for now. This was Geeky Ozzy, writing it all about Tinder Verification Code, and Tinder SMS Verification. I really hope you no longer have to face the Tinder there was a Problem getting your Code error. Also, if you found this article useful, then don’t forget to share it with your friends. Also, stay in touch with ContNew Computers, for more such content, by liking our Facebook Page, Subscribing to our Newsletter, and letting us Send you Notifications.

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